Cajun FAQ

So why should I play lacrosse at UL?

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a great place to get a college education. UL is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. Our Engineering and Business Colleges are top notch programs. There is no better combination of respected academics, athletics and overall college atmosphere in the country.

Second, UL provides a highly competitive Lacrosse experience without the pressure and time-commitment of NCAA Lacrosse. Our players are expected to dedicate themselves to the team, but are given leeway to focus on academics, jobs, and other aspects of College Life.

Is there a Conference Tournament? National Tournament?

Yes, The LSA Tournament takes place the last weekend of April. The winner of the tournament, gets an automatic bid to the National MCLA Tournament in late May. Other bids go to the 9 other conference champions, while at-large bids generally go to the remaining highest ranked teams that didn't receive automatic bids. The Cajuns have been once in 2017 and every year it is our goal to get back to the national stage. Getting to that National Tournament is our goal every year.

Where do the Cajuns play their Home games?

The Cajuns play at St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette. In about 2 years the Cajuns will be able to play our home games at a brand new, fully turfed, Recreational Field. This will also act as our practice facility.

Who does the Cajuns play?

UL is a member of the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association . The MCLA is made up of over 200 teams in 10 conferences that represent every region of the country. These teams include all the big schools without NCAA programs like Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Virginia Tech, etc.  The MCLA operates 2 Divisions (Division 1 & Division 2), and holds conference and national tournaments for both Divisions.  UL is a Division 2 member of the Lone Star Alliance (LSA). All of the teams in the LSA are programs that operate as "virtual varsities."  Below is a map of all MCLA Division 2 programs.

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